Company name Koshin seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Established December 20, 1954
President President Kazutomo Takani
Capital stock 10 million yen
Location 3-4-11, Unoki, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 146-0091, Japan
Contact information TEL 81-3-3750-1525
FAX 81-3-3750-1526
Purpose of business Machine design and product such as slitter, slicer, rewinder.
Processing machine design and product for adhesive tape, paper, plastic film, copper foil, TAB tape etc.
*400 square meters of factory site
Major banks Johnan Shinkin Bank Yukigaya branch
Mizuho Bank Kugahara branch
Corporate history May 1947…Launched in Denenchofu, Ota-ku as a personal business
December 20, 1954…Reorganized to limited company and moved to current location
August 30, 1963…Reorganization to a corporation, to the present