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*Introducing various products created by our company, rotary die cutting machine and including parts such as and air friction shaft.

Rotary die cut machine

Seal material
Line speed
Material width
Engraving cutter

*It detects the position of the product by sensor. And automatic position control using an AC servomotor to drive the feed and rotary die cutter
*Scrap winder attached


It is also possible to manufacture log winder, inspection equipment as option, etc. customized for your company.
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Air friction shaft

Air friction shaft for 3inch friction pitch 18mm

Air friction shaft for 6inch friction pitch 30mm

Core diameter
Compatible with 3", 6" and other sizes
Friction pitch
"Minimum pitch 18 mm (for winding product width Min. 9 mm).
Using custom made bearings, we can also manufacture Minimum pitch 14mm friction shaft."
Effective length
Tension of one chuck body
Min.1N ( at φ90 friction air 0MPa)
Max.35N ( at φ90 friction air 0.5MPa)

This friction shaft was developed for use in a clean environment.
The surface in contact with the core is smooth in order to prevent damage to the contact surface with the core that causes dust.
In addition, it is made of resin and metal with less dust generation.